Concert: Leprous

Audience: Approx. 600

Venue: Vulkan Arena, Oslo, Norway

Support: Agent Fresco, Astrosaur, Alithia

One of my favourite bands, and particularly in the last five years or so, Leprous, finished their 30+ show tour last night in Oslo, Norway.

Leprous are almost becoming royalty when it comes to the progressive metal genre. It’s hard competition though, but they have released another strong album with Malina (August 2017) and are continuing their musical journey with steady hands.

I’ve seen Leprous live before, and the amount of people attending this sold out concert shows how big they have become – the place was stuffed.

I recorded two complete songs, Bonneville and The Cloak, and the first one includes a long intro by the amazing cellist Raphael Weinroth-Browne. Bonneville was the first song on the setlist, and The Cloak (one of my favourite songs) was the first encore.

I was tired and in a mood yesterday, so I had to cut the evening short and only saw Agent Fresco’s full set in addition to the whole set by Leprous.

This was my first concert at Vulkan Arena, which is kinda close to the venue Blå. I liked it – it’s just a square with no annoying pillars or anything… which for some reason is rather common elsewhere.

I bought a a couple of nice t-shirts by Leprous and a nice Agent Fresco hat. Smile I finally got my hands on Malina as well, and don’t have to just stream it from now on. Open-mouthed smile