Desember (og januar) kan være morsomme med all statistikken som slippes. F.eks. er det moro å se hva folk har hørt på via Spotify, m.m.

Selv bruker jeg ikke Spotify, men jeg har alternativer. De gir nok ikke et fullt bilde av alt, men så godt som.

Instagram er perfekt for å dele slike ting, men jeg skal også dele ting her.

Nytt wordpress theme

Jeg kommer til å endre temaet for til noe mer moderne. Jeg har funnet et “premium” tema, og kan forhåpentligvis gå over til det snart.

ListenBrainz: My year in music

I started using ListenBrainz instead of this year, and I’m quite happy with it. It’s free and is easy to use I’d say.

Here are some of my stats from 2021, and honestly, the pictures below don’t show it all for sure. There are so much more with about the same playtime as those listed.

I also stream via YouTube Music, and those stats aren’t shown here. If they were, The Open up and Bleeds would most likely top everything. 🤘🏻The album Nocturne by Vangelis is my go to nighty-night music, so that would also be way up there.

With that being said, I really like everything in the pictures, and the full stats can be viewed here:

Finally back! 😀

I have had some issues with WordPress, and it seems it was actually WordPress itself doing something weird. I will start adding stuff again.

New editor is finally in place, so I need to check that out first of all.

Happy New Year!

With this photo I took just outside of Elverum, Hedmark here in Norway a few hours ago, I’d like to wish you all a happy new year!


Some upgrades and a little snafu

Upgrading to HTTPS is something I’ve wanted to check out for some time now, and I happened to get a newsletter from my ISP today, where they described it as a very simple thing to do. Ahead to the adminpage I went and indeed, it was very easy, and just an hour or so wait until the DNS and everything was updated. Open-mouthed smile

Unfortunately I managed to reset the blog (WordPress), so there will be some fixing-up in the coming week or so. Thankfully I did take a backup, so all the information and links are back already. Smile

I might use the default theme since it looks so much better than the last time I looked at it.

I may also remove some posts, due to images being gone, but I will try to fix some of them as well, since this blog (how little it may be) carry a historic significance for me.

Va-vooom! My current dl/ul speed

After I upgraded to fiber and the ISP got their shit together, it has been a blast really. Now we have changed the WiFi Router as well, and that seem to have really done the trick on our internal network.

Just to humour myself I did a speedtest, and it has increased a tad from the last time I did it. Regardless, it’s pretty fast! 🙂

Hello world!

I have just gotten the site up and running – will need some time to finish configuring it. 🙂