The World At War (Verden i krig)

Serien The World at War fra 1973 så jeg først da jeg var temmelig ung, og har sett den igjen nå nylig. Det er en lang serie; 26 episoder på ca. 1 time hver.

Dette er, selv i dag, den mest relevante dokumentariske beskrivelsen av 2. verdenskrig. Kanskje fordi den er temmelig objektiv, noe som er sjeldent i moderne dokumentarer. Den dekker mye fra 2. andre verdenskrig, og ikke bare fra Europa.

En annen ting er at de har med seg en god del intervjuobjekter som fortsatt var i live da. Både høye herrer, og vanlige folk. Det er personer fra mange land involvert, inkludert Tyskland. F.eks. er Albert Speer en av dem, og han var i Hitlers indre sirkel.

Laurence Olivier gjør dessuten en vanvittig bra jobb som kommentator.

The World at War viser krigen i all sin grusomhet, så det er ikke tid for popcorn når man ser den. Det er heller ikke Band of Brothers, men det er en veldig god TV-serie som også viser hvordan ting var under krigen i hovedsak fra et amerikansk militært perspektiv.

En annen relatert ting: Det var voldsomme mengder med mennesker som døde i 2. andre verdenskrig. Sjekk grafen nedenfor som jeg har knabba fra Wikipedia. Den viser hvor mange fra hvert land det faktisk var som døde.

A new season of Dexter (2006)

It’s hard to pick a favorite TV-series in the world of TV-series, but I have to say that Dexter is one of them for me.

I’ve been wanting to re-binge the series for quite some time, and now is a great time to do just that, since they’ve announced a new season. This’ll be the first season since the series ended in 2013, and if I ever wanted a reboot or continuation of something… this must be it! 😍

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Sidenote: Michael C. Hall, the actor who plays Dexter, was in a musical by David Bowie some years ago. The performance was close to how it would’ve been with David Bowie himself I think.

Deadwood (2019): Welcome the fuck back.

The magnificent western TV-series Deadwood, ended way too soon back in 2006. A while back I was happy to read that the movie finally was about to be made, after teasing it ever since the TV-series ended.

I’ve just finished watching the Deadwood movie, and the cool thing is that it continues 10 years after the TV-show ended. Things have changed, but Swearengen (played by the always brilliant Ian McShane)  is still the same.

It was fun to see this movie, and it makes me wish even more that they had made many more seasons of the original TV-series. However, this movie give us some conclusion and a proper ending that the TV-show did not give us.

The foulmouthed Swearengen, and the rest of the foulmouths will forever be missed, but a binge rewatch is always just around the corner of course. 😀

Our Planet

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Watching and listening to David Attenborough is something I’ve done ever since I was a little boy. He has been with me as a grew up, became an adult, and even today he still with me in this journey called life.

His multiple series covering flora and fauna has always been a remarkable view on how diverse, and sometimes complicated, everything on earth is.

Netflix’ Our Planet is his latest series of which he is the narrator. I looked forward to this one as well, like with all the others, but this series is very serious, and it’s showing us footage (proof if you like) on how our planet changes due to climate change/global warming. It’s depressing to watch obviously, and these are things we’ve known about for decades now.

It’s a good series, with high quality footage of a lot of things never shown in this way before. For example, the use of drones gives us an extra dimension in several of the scenes.

Like Attenborough is saying, it’s not too late if we change our ways right now. Check out THIS video, at, of David Attenborough explaining what needs to be done.